Climate Business
building the low-carbon business climate



Welcome to Climate Business. 


A US$2-3 trillion low-carbon economy will develop over the next five-ten years.

The global climate business is already a significant sector.

But it's a sector dominated by a few players. Uncertain risks. Incremental approaches. Untapped opportunity

Business can lead on developing a low-carbon economy. Already, a quarter of large corporations are taking serious strategic measures to limit emissions and grow new opportunities. World-wide, there is a lot of action by companies, cities and countries that are ready to 'do climate business'.


Climate Business is a blog designed to inform the 'business climate' for all players interested in the low carbon economy. Its goal is to celebrate business action. It draws on a Linkedin network of experts supporting first-movers and future leaders. To secure a prosperous, equitable global economy with a manageable climate and diverse ecosystems, climate business must become the norm not the niche.

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